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Rolling All Over The World
Rolling All Over The World

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Hello and Welcome to my little Blog,
What is it all about I hear you ask ? Well I am in a very privelidged possition, Thanks to my Bosses at Transam Trucking I am now the Back line tour driver for the Legends that are Status Quo.
I wont be telling you anything about band history, as I am pretty sure any Quo fan out there would be better informed about the band than me!
However I will share my life on the Road with these Legends of Rock, but more inportantly I would hope to introduce you to some of the people who work so tirelesly behind the sceans to make The Mighty Quo look and sound fantastic and give all of the fans a great experience every time these Legends of Rock walk out on to the stage confident that there crew behind the scenes have it all covered !!
I will say at this stage that all opinions and comments in this Blog are mine alone and do not represent opinions of any of the Managment or members of Status Quo.
This is just life on the Road from my perspective,I will tell you about gigs how it all went and some of the day to day dramas that me and the crew face before during and after the show.
This is not an official Status Quo Blog.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

The Cornbury Festival

So it the Cornbury festival !! an outdoor festival in the middle of a British summer, Wimbledon is still going on, what could possible go wrong !!

Well I am very happy to report that nothing went wrong in fact it was with out a doubt the best festival I have ever been to.

View from back stage
 The Cornbury Festival is this year in a new location in previous years this festival has been sited in Chaerlbury but for 2011 the festival will be in the grounds of Great Tew Estate nestled in a sprawling landscape in the heart of the Oxfordshire country side, I believe that this is to be the festivals eleventh year so it is very well established and to be honest a bit of a well kept secret and I know why people in the know keep it to themselves " its just great" with the riverside stage, cafe Nero image sound stage and Pleasant Vally stage being the main stage and a line up over the three days of the festival that just had something for everyone.

Friday James Blunt , Cyndi Lauper, Eliza Doolittle to name just a few Saturday some of the acts featuring where The Faces, Ray Davies, Deacon Blue and Sunday Status Quo, Olly Murs and The Straights but many many more great acts where featured over the three days of the festival.

Stage Right The Loading
 The stage I was concerned with was of course the main stage, the pleasant Vally stage this is where Status Quo would be head lining that evening, after a bit of a squeeze getting backed up on to the side of stage the load out got underway, even though there was only two crew in attendance at eight o'clock in the morning I think they had both had there shredded wheat as they got stuck in with great enthusiasm, knowing we had to be on wheels so that we could roll our set on and off stage in between acts I was keen to get as much done as possible, as the band and crew where still winging there way on the crew and band bus from Bremen where they had been head lining a massive corporate gig for Mercades Benz to launch a new SL Model Mercades the previous night.

So I need to get all of the front of house off of my truck so that the lighting engineers can get started.

Because of the amount of acts due on this stage during the day we where going to have to work in an alloted area back stage and try to get all set up there, this presents it own problems but the crew are well used to these situations and just get on with it, so me and my two local crew members managed to get the carpet down and get all the risers assembled in good time before the crew bus arrived from its over nighter from Germany. 

Jon Allen

So while we are still setting up our equipment the days entertainment gets under way, kicked off buy Alice Gold not the greatest voice I have ever heard but great legs, but a name to watch out for in the future I believe is Jon Allen who are a five piece and have a really great sound with good lyrics.
They where back for a second year by popular demand and I can see why, they where great.

Ride on Piano Different !!

Someone else back again was our very own Glen Smith Status Quo's Tour and Production Manager Glen had managed the Cornbury Festival for two consecutive years 2006 & 2007 so was well aware of what to expect from this festival.

As well as the weird and wonderful there is always a celebrity hiding around the corner Noel Edmond's, and Fern Cotton where both in attendance "not together " I hasten to add and I was Lucky enough to get to meet a true Rock legend Mr Bernie Marden formerly of White Snake who had come along to see the boys as he referred to them.
He also had a guitar that he wanted to show Rick and I must say what a bloody great bloke he was, he is reputedly the best British guitarist alive today and one of the most approachable men in the business something Olly Murs is yet to learn! judging buy the way he blanked the Two fans that had managed to get back stage to get an autograph.

Up up & Away
 That said the guy can sing I hope his career lasts long enough for us to hear something other than covers. 

10,000 getting the Quo treatment
 As some hot air balloons took to the sky The Mighty Quo took to the stage and well they just blew everyone away, seeing 10,000 fans all moving as one in time to the music is still a sight to behold and I don't think I will ever tire of seeing it live music its just the best experience there is. 
Next stop Zottejen Rock Festival Belgium.      

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